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      Places to Visit in Kalam Pakistan

      One of the most popular travel destinations of Pakistan is Kalam valley. The most popular tourist spot which serves as an attraction for many Pakistanis wo wish to visit the most scenic places of the northern areas. Kalam is a wonderful area with many heavenly places to see.

      Kalam has a great number of gorgeous glacial lakes. The two top ones are Mahodand and Kundol lake. The views of these two are gorgeous and the trek leading to them is equally scenic.


       Matiltan is a beautiful area which is right after Ushu forest. It is about 11 km from Kalam. It is filled lush green trees and gigantic mountains.


      One of the most famous fishing spots is an area called Gabral. Only 20 Km from Kalam. This area is known for its Trout fishing.


      The gorgeous Utror Valley ids a must visit for all tourists. Covered in greenery and fabulous views, this place is ideal for picnics.


      Visiting Ushu Forest would definitely be a magical experience for travelers. The tall pine trees, the wild flowers and the mystical views would be a lifetime memory.

      Top Attractions in Naran

      The post pandemic has left all of us yearning to get close to nature. To breathe in the pure air, to gaze at the starry sky, to feed the soul and eyes with the scenic views of the wild. One of the most sought-after places have been Naran during this time. People can’t seem to get enough of it and rightly so. Naran offers sights that are a treat for the eyes and fun filles activities that keep the whole family engaged.

      1. The most celebrated and magical Saif-ul-Maluk lake deserves to be on the top of our list. Located 10,000 feet above sea level. The myth and mystery behind its existence adds enigma to the already gorgeous piece of art. Add the boating that’s offered and you have a complete package for entire the family.



      1. Endeavoring River rafting on the astounding Kunhar river definitely needs a place on your bucket list. Not for the faint hearted, this memorable encounter has to be tried at least once in your lifetime. People who prefer the calm over the chaos can indulge in the ever-peaceful trout fishing offered here as well.




      1. Travelers wishing to nourish their souls by the beauty and splendor this region has to offer cannot overlook the ever-exquisite Dudipatsar The arduous travel on the bumpy roads and the long thrilling hike ends in a view that will forever be embedded in your hearts.




      1. Lalazar meadow is a mere 13 miles from Naran. Located at 10,500 feet above sea level; this vast field provides a stunning and detailed view of the entire valley and its surroundings.



      1. A visit to Naran would be utterly incomplete without passing through the : The pass that actually connects KPK and the Gilgit-Baltistan. The pass is closed most of the year due to the extreme weather conditions. Featuring an altitude of 13,700 feet, this undeniably is a sight to behold and remember.


      Biker Gloves

      The ideal progression in fashion takes place when style and comfort evolve simultaneously. The attire business was desperately in need of a superior quality of Biker gloves. Gloves have been in the market for some time but a pair which were comfortable, practical and yet carried swag were needed. Dominance presents to you a wide range of them from biker gloves, sports gloves, gym gloves and gloves for riding. This piece of accessory will bring style and elegance to your travels. Your adventures will forever be etched with comfort and ease.

      Best Backpacks in Pakistan


      What constitutes a good backpack or more so, a fantastic backpack. The one which obviously looks cool enough to have transpired from the pages of a fashion magazine. The one which leaves a significant amount of money in your pocket to finance the actual trip you were buying the backpack for. The one which is spacious enough so you require only that single piece of luggage for your vacation. The one which is sturdy enough to be able to pass on amongst generations and it ends up being a family heirloom.

      All that and much more is now at the click of your fingertip. A wide range of backpacks of all colours, styles and capacities are now available at our website. Comfort and quality are the aspects we do not compromise on. Our craftsmanship and excellent quality is eminent and results in amazing reviews from our clients. If all this still doesn’t persuade you to make a purchase from us, maybe our money back guarantee can on all our products can help you make the decision.

      Top 10 Brands/Stores For Travel Gear in Pakistan

      All of us adventure seekers would have a few brands as our favourites. Most of us would have tried the famous ones. Sadly some of us thrill seekers would have to face disappointment when the product we bought was not upto the mark or lacked quality and durability. Even worse is when the pocket is burdened by not only the travel expenses but also the travel gear which cost an arm and leg.

      The following is general, basic and unbelievably honest review of the brands that sell the outdoor gear to accommodate all your travel needs and wants. The backstories on these famous brands will help you make the right and pocket friendly purchases to up your game to the Indiana Jones level.

      Here's what I and everybody who is a serious traveler wants in the gear they purchase and the shops they deal with.

      1. Variety: Let’s be honest, even if I buy the same backpack in the same color, in the same design for as long as I live, I still want my mind to be aesthetically pleased with the wide variety of designs, colors, sizes and options.


      1. Light weight and compact: There’s nothing worse than having to carry all your travel gear in an already heavy backpack or chairs or a folding bed that’s almost equal to your own body weight.


      1. Pocket friendly: Ideally the gear you buy should be economical and yet durable and survive many memorable trips. It seems hard to achieve but after numerous trials I have found stores where this impossible dream becomes attainable.


      1. Customer friendly and customer focused: This may seem a low priority but nothing is as sweet and enjoyable as a purchase made where even the online staff is willing to customize your order, stop you from making an unnecessary buy and give you pointers for your trip ranging from places to visit, and where to stay.

      Business Orientation

      This may seem too professional a term but in layman’s vocabulary it simply means that various companies/businesses follow a certain list of priorities. Most companies are business centered, they focus on selling and customizing in bulk. Selling in bulk obviously generates a many fold profit. Rarely are their enterprises who want to establish a loyal and long term customer base. They will take the time out to ensure each and every customer is satisfied and content with their buying thus generating repeat orders.

      The below graph depicts just that. While dominance relies mostly on their customer base. Businesses like Zulfah prioritize selling in bulk to other business owners.

      Camping Gear

      Anyone mildly interested in the outdoors would have heard of the top names in the game, backpacks by Osprey, Shoes by Salomon and Bikes by Trek. However, you will be pleasantly surprised about the relatively new yet promising entrepreneurs who are slowly making a mark for themselves amongst their famous peers.

      Camping in Pakistan is a rapidly growing market. Currently we see the local players surpassing their international contemporaries. Camping gear tops the buying list when planning any outdoor activity. It ranges from all sizes/types of tents, sleeping bags, mattresses to other somewhat smaller equipment like stoves, headlamps, torches etc.

      Ideally what a person requires is a diverse variety which is durable yet cost effective. A regular camper would want to invest in a high-grade tent once in a lifetime. Presently smaller businesses manufacture their products in-house. Making their business a Cottage industry technically. When that happens, the business is able to apply their unique concepts, designs and notions towards developing a product which is very close to what their clientele requires. Thus developing a niche for themselves in the market.


      Finally, a purchase which can depict your personal style and assist you in making a grand style statement. While the aesthetics are no doubt important, the practical aspect is crucial as well. The bigger backpacks may attract you more but the lightweight extra pocketed ones will be your best friends during your flights and travel. Other features which you should keep in mind while purchasing a backpack are:

      Front-loading: Most of the backpacks consist of draw string closure at the top.  Making it highly inconvenient to dig out all the stuff and then put it back to find one little item. The manufacturers have finally come up with a brilliant idea to design a top load backpack. A total life saver in my opinion.

      Waist strap. This little contraption can save you from weeks of backaches. Just one added strap distributes the load around your whole body instead of just your shoulders

      Laptop compartment. A separate padded compartment will keep your electronics secure. Of course, you can also use this for other things like books or your travel journal.

      Rain resistant. You don’t want any water to leak into your bag! Good backpacks are weather-sealed or include a rain cover