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      Places to Visit in Kalam Pakistan


      Every Pakistani when looking for vacation spot has a liking for Kalam valley. To be honest, it is not just locals, but this place has been a tourist spot for many foreigners. They all have a fantasy of packing their backpacks and all travel accessories that they buy from a good store in Pakistan.

      Kalam is really a place one of its kind. People go there with lots of worry but the cool breeze, green pastures and the scenic mountains; all take away your tiredness and refreshes your senses.

      If you have a plan to go to this beautiful location, we can help you with some necessary information about this place.

      Kalam Valley

      <img src="Kalam Valley.jpg" alt="Kalam Valley" >

      One of the most popular travel destinations of Pakistan is Kalam valley. It is one of the most popular tourist spot, which serves as an attraction for many people. You just simply cannot ignore this scenic place of the northern areas. There are so many wonderful areas with many heavenly places to see.

      Geographically, this place is located in the upper swat from around 59 miles away from Mingora. If you are packing your backpacks from Islamabad, Pakistan, you would have to cover up to 202 miles.  And, let us tell you, you are going to be needing stylish warm jackets, fleece caps, and socks to keep you warm. This place might be cold, as per your liking and in winters, it will be freezing, so better be prepared with your travel bags.

      What Are the Top Attractions of the Place?

      <img src="What Are the Top Attractions of the Place.jpg" alt="What Are the Top Attractions of the Place" >

      Matiltan naturally surrounds this gorgeous place from the northeast. You can go to Utrar in the west and to your south will be Bahrain Valley.

      Moreover, Kalam has a great number of gorgeous glacial lakes. The two top ones are Mahodand and Kundol lake. The views of these two lakes are breath taking and the trek leading to them is equally scenic. However, be ready with your leather gloves, bought from a good online travel accessory store in Pakistan to keep you warm and safe from any casualties.


      <img src="Matiltan .jpg" alt="Matiltan " >

      Matiltan is a beautiful area, which is right after Ushu forest. It is about 11 km away from Kalam. It is filled lush green trees and gigantic mountains. Visiting Ushu Forest would definitely be a magical experience for travelers. The tall pine trees, the wild flowers and the mystical views would be a lifetime memory.

      One can be easily mesmerized here with the beauty that you won’t forget your entire life.

      Also, if you are into fish hunting, you would love this place. One of the most famous fishing spots in here is the Gabral, only 20 Km from Kalam. This area is known for its Trout fishing. You would see many hunters with their fishing rods sitting alongside the river. Mostly you would come across groups of friends preparing BBQ here while some of them would be just sitting beside bonfire, wearing fleece caps and leather gloves, and singing songs.

      Indeed a beautiful view that would remain in your memories for a long time.

      Utror Valley

      <img src="Utror Valley.jpg" alt="Utror Valley">

      The gorgeous Utror Valley is necessary visit for all tourists. Covered in greenery and fabulous views, this place is ideal for picnics. People from all over Pakistan, even abroad find solace in this place, and make great memories here.


      There is a lot to explore when you go to Kalam valley for vacations. Couples, families, adventurers, everyone can find something of their interest there. Yes! This place is a sight to behold if you are into natural beauty and scenic mountains. All in all, this experience would be truly an ethereal experience, provided you are ready for the spot. We tell you, have your backpack ready with suitable jackets, extra socks, fleece caps, and the  other necessary travel accessory to make your journey a convenient one.

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