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      • The journey of the Backpack

        Backpacks The origin of the first ever backpack dates back to 1877 when “Henry Miriam” developed the first knapsack for the US military.                                   “Camille Poirior” further improved the backpack with the Dulith Backpack featuring a head strap and buckles. Thus the evolution of the backpacks has been a centuries old process. As  sturdier fabrics, lighter buckles, flexible designs were invented the classic backpack progressed to what it is today. Backpacks have traversed boundaries of the basic laptop bag and the...
      • Backpacks Make Your Hike Comfortable! Here’s How!

        Backpacks Make Your Hike Comfortable! Here’s How!
        Backpacks are trending these days. It is indeed a wise choice to get one as they are significantly lower in weight and improve the quality of your hike.  You do not have to carry a heavy double-decker backpack with bulky pockets for bottled water and other hiking accessories. Quality Hiking Bags  We have come a long way in the manufacturing process. It has evolved. Even so, some brands specialize in outdoor travel accessories. They have the best quality hiking backpacks that do not cause the reason for back pain and keep your spine straight. Plus, such a sporty item keeps your spirit...