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      • 4 person Tent

        4 person Tent
        Having a personal tent is a onetime investment but saves an immense amount of money and hassle in the long run. Spending on high quality travel gear deserves a lot of thought and research. Dominance has made all of this possible at your fingertips. Being the pioneers in travel equipment and paraphernalia, we offer the Dominance 4 person tent. This tent is 100% water proof and ideal for high altitudes. Constructed from light weight polyester ensuring complete protection from UV rays, wind, rain and insects. The double door openings keep the tent ventilated and the temperature...
      • Trekking stick

        Trekking stick
        Travel is most enjoyable when all the packing is sorted. You are confident that your travel clothes, travel gear and luggage you take will be of the top most quality. Dominance offers a solution to all your problems and a product for all your journeys. The latest addition to our series of excellent quality tourism accessories is the Anti-shocking trekking pole. These sturdy and durable hiking sticks can be perfectly utilized while hiking, trekking, camping, walking and all your active adventures. These shock absorbent sticks are lightweight and versatile.  Constructed from premium quality aluminum in a...
      • Safe Vacation Destinations in Pakistan to Visit This Summer

        Safe Vacation Destinations in Pakistan to Visit This Summer
        With summer approaching in Pakistan, many of us would now be thinking about where to go next! Numerous summer destinations in Pakistan are among the most beautiful places on the planet. These are the famous summer destinations that people don’t want to miss at any cost.  Sure! You won't be packing your backpacks now, but this list will make you think about your next travel destination.  Ayun and Bumburet Valley This Chitral valley is located near the River of Bumburet, about twelve kilometers from the city. In summers, when the weather is so hot, people generally move to...